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There are several ways to get help from us:

1. Take a look at the tutorials we've put together about how to set up your DSL account, computer security, including E-mail, Spam Filtering, Personal Web Space, and billing issues etc.

2. SMS Complaint Registration Service, You can now contact our Technical Assistance Center, Billing, Sales etc by simply sending an SMS message with your user ID and brief description of your problem/issue at 0093-XXXXXXX. Your SMS message would be passed on to the available representative who would contact you as soon as possible.The procedure to use this SMS facility is outlined below for your kind information:

SMS facility Mobile Number:0093-XXXXXXX(Customers are requested to save the number in mobile phone directory) Format of message: Your User ID, followed by a space, and problem description.

For example, if your User ID is "020-2002000" and you are facing breakdown in your DSL service, your SMS format would be as follow: "020-2002000 my DSL is down. Please call me urgently. Thx."

3. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) database. We continually update this database to reflect the questions we receive most often. Chances are, if you have a question, somebody else has asked it too.

4. You can contact us by email at or fill out our online support form:

5. Don't forget, you can also call us. We're always pleased to help. Call center: (+93) 020-2212328/(+93) 020-2212329